Support for TAP 3.12 by the end of 2011

From the 1st of May 2012, the new TAP standard, version 3.12, will be introduced to all GSM mobile network operators. To be able to comply to this GSMA directive, operators will have to decide on the most cost effective and simple way to implement the directive.

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Capana joins social responsibility initiative

Capana is proud to be represented in CSR Västsverige, a public & private social responsibility initiative from Sweden. By joining CSR Västsverige, we will further consolidate our social responsibility work, and step by step take additional actions to ensure that we are doing our part in moving towards a more sustainable society.

About CSR Västsverige“Public & Private Social Responsibility Initiative is a non-profit organisation that was formed in 2008. Unique for Public & Private Social Responsibility Initiative is our confident insistence that these are issues for all types of employers, public and private, idea-based – big and small. This mobilisation and mix of different actors results in unexpected and exciting encounters within our various activities. In autumn 2010 we have more than 90 members and all together our workplaces represent around 100.000 employees. We act with gravity. When we meet, exciting new meetings occur. When we take the initiative, accept challenges and decide to pursue certain issues, it has an effect. It is about responsibility. Locally and globally. Public & Private. Corporations and organisations are no longer valued solely on financial performance. The importance of that private companies and public authorities are taking a broader social and environmental responsibility is growing.”

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Capana Awarded by QlikTech

During the 2011, QlikTech Qonnection conference in Miami, Capana was acknowledged as the fastest growing partner of the year in the Nordics region 2010.

The award was presented by Vice President and Managing Director, QlikTech Nordic, Mats Ferm, and Capana sees this as a proof of out delivery capabilities and customer focus.

“We are very proud to be presented with this award. Our primary focus and commitment has always been, and will continue to be, value added solution deliveries with great results,” says Capana Group, Partner and Chairman, Anders Frost. “Awards like these are always nice and provides a great proof that we are doing things right, we will embrace this and continue to work hard to establish our growth even further in 2011 and keep the position as the prime QlikView BI solution vendor of the region.”says Frost.

Capana has more than 10 years of experience with data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, and a strong profile in QlikView products. Today, Capana is one of the largest QlikView houses in Denmark.

Capana develop and deliver business intelligence solutions for many industries, but focus has heavily been on four specific segments, Telecom, Media, Retail and Pharma. Our consultants can contribute to all parts in the process of developing and implementing a successful BI project.

About Capana
Capana is a software and IT service company with many years of experience providing business critical systems for billion dollar companies in different industries, for instance the telecommunications, energy and media industry.

Our offices are located in Aalborg, Copenhagen, and Gothenburg. With customers on four continents, Capana’s mission is to minimize complexity, bridge the gap between IT and business, and constantly challenge the accepted norms of problem solving.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Frost
Partner and Chairman
Capana Aps
Tel: +45 51512271


Capana provides Business Intelligence to production industry

A major supplier of doors on the European door market has chosen Capana as its Business Intelligence (BI) supplier. Capana will provide the company with QlikView and QlikView-related services, and sees this as a major breakthrough for its BI business within the production industry.

The deal also confirms Capana’s position as both one of the leading BI houses in Europe, and the prime QlikView house in Scandinavia.


CapSettle MDM in Proof of Concept for AMR collection

In strong competition with leading vendors for meter data collection, Capana alone successfully accomplished the task of delivering a proof of concept for AMR. CapSettle MDM (Meter Data Manager) as the AMR collection interface was able to fulfil all of the requirements as requested by Göteborgs Energi, for the PoC in a live demonstration.

Göteborgs Energi is the leading energy company in Western Sweden, providing energy services, district heating, cooling, natural gas, broadband and electricity supply network to their customers.

The CapSettle MDM solution allows its users to take full advantage of Smart Metering functionality. Built on an open platform, it allows streamlined integration with external systems, and flexible adaptation to growing market regulations and industry innovations. CapSettle MDM collects, validates, aggregates, and produce invoice statements in near real-time, and provides further analysis and forecasting possibilities with its dynamic reporting and business intelligence interface.

Please read more about the solution, or contact us directly for additional information or demonstration of the system.


Capana at Smart Metering Scandinavia 2011

Smart Metering Scandinavia
14 – 15 March 2011
Oslo, Norway

Capana will attend the Smart Metering Scandinavia conference with start 14th March 2011, which focuses on:

  • Preparing meter infrastructure for future challenges and capabilities
  • Operational challenges: Implementing hourly billing and managing data to create business value
  • Customer perspectives: Meter enabled smart home and energy management services
  • Future energy infrastructure: Coordinating the convergence of ‘smart’

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Capana at Interconnection World Forum

Interconnection World Forum
Monday 24th January – Thursday 27th january 2011
London, England

Capana will attend the IIR-Telecoms Interconnection World Forum conference starting Monday 24th of january 2011.

The key themes which will be addressed during the 2011 conference are:

  • Developing new business models for IP interconnection
  • Examining how the ongoing trend to cut Mobile Termination Rates (MTR) will impact mobile operators and the overall mobile industry
  • Addressing the technical challenges associated with migrating to NGN interconnection
  • Comparing different charging methods in the current and the IP based world of interconnection
  • Determining whether infrastructure sharing can provide a source of interconnect revenues
  • Ensuring effective regulation of NGA networks
  • Determining how to achieve end-to-end QoS for future services over IP

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About Capana

Capana is a software and IT service company with many years of experience providing business critical systems to the telecommunication, utility and media industry. Our mission is to minimize complexity, bridge the gap between IT and business and constantly challenge the norms of problem solving. Our telecommunication solutions include our suite for wholesale billing, CapSettle, which helps operators to cost-efficiently deploy fast and accurate traditional interconnect and roaming settlements, as well as next generation content services. We deliver a multi scalable system, enabling any operator regardless of size to utilize all the functionality from the start or by simply activate more features as the company grows or required to by new business interests.


Capana Implements Content Settlements

Telenor has decided to increase the usage of its current Roaming and Interconnect Settlements platform to cover also Content Settlements. The first step is to introduce revenue-share based settlements for the wholesale Service Provider partners. Handling of Service Provider content settlements will go live in Q4 2010.

Introducing a complex settlements process in just four weeks confirms the system flexibility of CapSettle, as well as the professionalism and complex business understanding that is a known trademark of Capana.

The Service Provider content settlements process is the first step towards having all Telenor Denmark content settlements within CapSettle. This is a project planned for 2011.


CapSettle Hits Another Milestone

With its capacity to process more than 4 billion transactions per day, the Wholesale settlements flagship CapSettle challenges earlier limits. Although CapSettle is perhaps not yet likely to find an operator with that enormous amount of daily Wholesale transactions, in the re-seller and MVNO set-up, the daily transactions will increase. In order to be able to handle this, CapSettle has extended its potential.

One of our initial focuses has always been performance”, says Johan Asterholm, operational product manager at Capana, and continues: “There has always been cost consciousness at our customers’, and we’d like to show them how much we can process on a low cost server – a server that has a list price below 10 000 USD.