CapSettle 3.8 released

A new release of CapSettle is now available for all customers. In CapSettle 3.8 automatic support for RAP handling has been introduced. Even if RAP has been supported in CapSettle previously, the new RAP perspective enables a very simple end to end process for RAP files that should be received or generated by CapSettle. In addition, TD.57 validations and operator specific validations like IOT validation is now available in the user interface. This means that the operator can now select which validations rules that should be used for which partners and the operator is also able to add and update the existing ones.

In addition to the above new functionality the CapSettle 3.8 release also includes improvements for format handling, now all asn.1 specified formats can be collected by CapSettle. RAEX IOT and OpData improvements for loading and integration with IOT-check validation is also part of the 3.8 release.


For detailed information about the release, please contact your Customer Support contact to receive the official Release Notes.


About Capana

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