Capana delivers ARP services to major European operator

EU Roaming

A major European operator currently relying on the strength and flexibility of the unique wholesale billing and settlement solution CapSettle for interconnect and roaming settlements as well as NRTRDE have now also enabled Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) functionality using the Single IMSI approach in their existing CapSettle system.

The new EU Roaming regulations, set by the European Commission, will allow retail mobile customers to purchase roaming services (such as voice, SMS and data) from an Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) which is separate from their domestic service provider (DSP), without affecting either mobile number or device.

Alternative Roaming provider

Decoupling using Single IMSI

With the single IMSI solution the ARP will engage in agreements with each domestic operator providing domestic services, then the ARP will act as a reseller of these services to the roaming subscriber.

This type of solution is applicable for all types of service providers such as mobile network operators, MVNOs or VSPs.

From a subscriber standpoint, they will have a roaming agreement with the ARP regardless of the Dometic Service Provider (DSP) and the DSP is required to activate services within one working day.

The operator will start testing the ARP functionality in their existing CapSettle solution together with their ARP partners in the beginning of April.

Key features and benefits

  • ARP Rating and Invoicing
  • TAP and RAP generation
  • DSP wholesale rating
  • IMSI provisioning interface
  • Intuitive error and suspense handling with easy error trace and re-processing
  • Built in rule engine where the user can mediate incorrect formats or anomolies without mediation involvement
  • Fraud protection (NRTRDE)
  • Flexible integration, distribution and interfacing to surrounding infrastructure and support systems
  • Partner relationship manager with self service interface for business partners
  • Scalable to handle extreme growth (suitable for both the smallest company to  the largest)
  • Re-rating and re-pricing options through out all levels in the system and at any point in time

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